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contact management software

Contact management software is essential for sales teams looking to keep track of their leads and contacts.

It allows you to sync all of your contacts to one record, stay on top of your networks, and communicate in real-time.

With a contact management system, reps can view conversation histories and filter their network into contact lists by various attributes and custom fields.

But what is the difference between contact management software and CRM software?

While both are types of CRM systems, there are some key differences.

  • Contact management software tends to focus specifically on managing and organizing contact information.

  • CRM software is broader and includes features for managing customer relationships, sales pipelines, and other aspects of the sales process.
  • Some CRM software may include contact management features, but not all contact management software includes all of the features of a full CRM system.

When considering the best contact management solutions, it’s important to consider the features of the software, as well as whether there is customer support or tech support available.

It’s also worth looking at how the software add on other tools, such as marketing automation or sales, CRM ,team chat and online chat and many others.

What is contact management software?

Contact management software is a tool for managing and organizing contact information, which is essential for sales management and customer retention.

It provides the basic foundation for building up sales and marketing strategies and is often favored by small businesses and ecommerce operations.

While contact management software is a type of CRM system, it tends to have simpler, more linear functionality compared to full-featured CRM tools.

It can handle leads, deals, and offer extended tools for project management, sales, marketing, and customer support.

However, most CRM solutions include contact management as a key component of their business suite.

Why use contact manager software?

Save your customer interactions

Automatically log all your cross-channel communications with customers, so you’ll have a record to consult later.

This information will make a crucial difference when it comes to determining what product or service to offer them for :

  • Cross-selling and up-selling,
  • Tone of your next interaction,
  • How best to interact with similar customers later.

Improve the customer experience

With all-in-one contact management, customer service agents can deliver better performance with less effort.

They’ll have easy access to a centralized contact list, complete with detailed records of past cross-channel customer interactions, and receive task notifications and follow-up reminders.

All this contributes to improved customer experience, reduced churn, and customer loyalty.

Keep all your contact information centralized

Contact information comes to you across many different channels, like :

  • Social Media
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Calls
  • Your Company Website
  • Face-to-Face Convos
  • Web Form Capture
  • Purchase Records, and more.

A contact management platform assimilates all this information into one business contact record, including address book and phone numbers, so you can access it from one place. 

Helps team collaboration 

A centralized contact record gives everyone in your business more visibility and makes your organization smarter and more transparent.

Team members can :

  • Consult individual case files worked on by other staff in real-time
  • Reducing the need for real-life meetings
  • Collaborate on Landing Pages or Opt-in Form
  • Share Contacts and Templates
  • Transfer Clients Communication
  • Online & Team Chat

This eliminates tasks, hand-off mistakes, and redundant work, plus encourages transparent collaboration.

Gets you insights based on contact data

Reporting and analytics tools mine your customer data, providing insights into your audience, what kind of marketing campaigns you should be running, and your overall business needs.

Intelligent lead management and segmentation tools can identify the right clients to focus resources on. 

Key features of a good contact manager software

Segmentation tools sort contacts by industry, geography, place in the customer lifecycle, and other attributes. Identifying customer profiles helps personalize your customer experience, and lets you find out which demographic provides the greatest opportunities. 

Access on the go

A mobile app for Android/iOS comes standard these days for any contact management platform. Wherever you may be, you can gain immediate access via mobile device to contact lists and key information, then act on it for sales, support, customer service, and marketing tasks.

Task and project management

Assign tasks to specific team members, give everyone full visibility on who is doing what, and set deadlines with reminder notifications.

Cloud-based SaaS contact management tools, when operating as part of CRM, put all your work processes in one place and let you deal with task and workflow processes on-the-fly. 

Automated data entry

Automate your customer data entry, eliminating mundane admin tasks and freeing up time for the more important work. Automated data recording can, in turn, be used to run email marketing automation, sales automation, and more. 

Easy import and export

Import contact data from CSV and Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet files, business cards, or CRM and other digital tools. Export them just as easily, so you’re covered in case you migrate platforms, start using new apps, or need external stakeholders to have data visibility.

In conclusion

Contact management software is an essential tool for sales teams looking to keep track of their leads and contacts. It provides the basic foundation for building up sales and marketing strategies and is often favored by small businesses and ecommerce operations. When considering the best contact management software, it’s important to consider the features of the software.

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